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  • Yelena McCafferty

UK-Russia Business Forum

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The conference suite was packed with people and there were no spare seats, but the listeners were keen and the speakers were engaging. Even though invitations had been limited, the event appeared to have gathered people with passion, a word mentioned several times by the attendees themselves. These people were united by a joint interest or a common business: it was to do with Russian trade.

When trading with Russia, make sure your product literature is translated into Russian.

The UK-Russia Business Forum was held on 17th and 18th November in London by the Russian Trade Delegation in the UK to mark its 95th anniversary and was focused on bilateral cooperation of small and medium-sized businesses. And considering the current geopolitical situation, the discussion sessions sounded very positive and the speakers were optimistic about long term prospects. Experts shared advice on financial and export support available as well as the means to see projects through for start-ups and established enterprises alike.

UK and Russia have a long history of trade.

Panellists representing companies working with Russia gave informal but honest first-hand opinions on the key factors of success.

Constant communication. It’s important to establish a dialogue by email or telephone and maintain it to keep abreast of projects at all stages.

Sharing the vision. The ultimate goal and associated methods need to be understood by everyone involved.

Passion. You need to have passion to succeed, it’s an emotional driving force of any task at hand.

Added value. Solutions on offer ought to have real economics at core.

It’s all about trust. “You don’t do business with people you don’t like”, one panellist said. It’s not just business to business, it’s human to human.

Talk Russian collaborates with other service providers.

Talk Russian's Yelena McCafferty and Tim Jelley from Export Explorer

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