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Behind the Scenes


You are filming parts of your television documentary in Russia and need assistance with Russian translations. Or perhaps you are making a movie with a Russian theme and need some content translations. Talk Russian is your ideal partner to do this. We have been working with production companies on such projects for more than 15 years so we have extensive experience to assist you from start to finish.


If you are flying out to Russia to film, we can translate carnets into Russian for you so on arrival going through the customs is as smooth as possible. If customs officers can read the Russian list of equipment you are bringing with you for filming, there is less of a chance they will ask questions.

If interviewing is part of your television documentary, we can translate release forms into Russian for you so your interviewees know what they are signing up to. And if you need a Russian interpreter for those interviews, depending on the location in Russia, we may be able to organise an interpreter for you too.

Once you’ve got the rushes of the interview, we will happily translate them from Russian into English with timecodes, so you know exactly what parts of the materials to use in your TV documentary.

Harry Potter film prop


If you are working on a movie with a Russian storyline, you will most likely use some props in Russian. Such graphics may be single word signs or phrases or whole chunks of text. We can translate them for you into Russian to suit your context. We’d advise you against using machine translation tools even with single words or word combinations as they may come out wrong, and there is nothing worse than your viewers spotting silly errors on the screen. You really don’t want to spoil the impression they would otherwise get from the film!

If your actors speak some Russian as part of the script, would you like them to sound authentic enough? We can do Russian accent coaching for your actors so they sound as if Russian was their second nature! Needless to say we will translate the spoken content for you so it’s correct stylistically too. 

Filming in Beverly Hills, California

“The success of a production depends on the attention paid to detail”, David O. Selznick, the producer of Gone with the Wind, once said. And we at Talk Russian are here to help you towards this success.

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