Russian translation is different from Russian interpreting

While interpreters translate speech, translators work with the written word. All of our translations are carried out by a human, not a machine, and before the final document is sent to the client, it is proofread by an independent linguist. This way we guarantee our translations from or into Russian are of the highest quality.

Word number counts

When you send us your document for translation, we calculate the number of words and give you our quote and turnaround time. While our quotation will depend on the technicality or the level of difficulty of your file, the turnaround time will be linked to the word count. We can’t underestimate the necessity to allow our translators enough time to complete the work so the translation is accurate and not done in a great hurry. On average, a translator can handle around 2,000-2,500 words in a day so your deadlines should be realistic. We do not normally charge for urgency, as, from our experience, every translation is urgent!

Specialisation is important

All of our Russian translators specialise. If we receive a technical manual for translation, it is translated by a member of our team who specialises in technical documents. It is vital that the translator understands the subject matter, otherwise, how can someone translate a medical document into a foreign language if he understands little of it in his own language?

Cyrillic encoding is not a problem

Most of the translations we deliver are required in MS Word. And if you are working on a PC, you should open and read our Russian translations without any difficulty, no Russian fonts will need to be installed. This also applies if you use Apple Mac computers.

If it is certified translations you are after, we will, of course, send the original translation copies to your address by regular first class post. Whatever it is: a business letter, a marketing questionnaire, a contract or an article, we will make sure you can decode it.


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