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At Talk Russian we translate documents from English into Russian and from Russian into English. As well as standard translation, we also provide certified, notarised and sworn translation. We can advise on which type of translation is needed if it is to be presented to official bodies in the UK, Russia or other countries where the Russian language is used. 

How much will it cost? Do you charge extra for urgency? We answer your top 10 questions here!


As we translate in-house, we can ensure the quality and accuracy of our work. Our team can handle projects large and small, including complex contracts and technical manuals. We also translate multimedia projects for delivery online, TV, radio and mobile devices.
Our translators have proven professional experience working with clients in banking, marketing, sales, market research, engineering, property, the oil and gas industries to name a few.

Talk Russian can work in clients' offices to review documents ensuring due dilgence.


Our Russian translators are members of professional organisations for translators and interpreters.

  • Is it best when your content is translated by a specialist? We believe it is. Even Google warns website owners against using online translation tools. Machine translation may be passable for basic texts, but when you have an important document at hand, which will be crucial in a trade deal, a court case or an immigration application, you simply can't risk it. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements. 

  • Does it bring added value if the translation is proofread by our independent translator at no extra cost? Free proofreading provided by us can only be a benefit.

  • Do you prefer to have the same formatting as the original document? Russian text tends to take up to 25% more space compared to the same English passage. We will take care of the formatting for you, even if it's a fancy Powerpoint presentation. 


As a specialist company we offer:

  • Fast, reliable turnaround with an easy order process. We offer various payment methods too!

  • Document delivery by email, hard copy or file transfer. And standard postage is free!

  • Highest professional standards and quality​​ at a reasonable price. Just read what our customers say!

We offer the fastest possible turnaround for document translation and offer a "rush" service.


Questions about our Russian translation service? We have put together a short guide/FAQ.

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