Our Russian interpreters have experience in business and legal negotiations (including arbitration), banking, retail and media interviews to name a few of the areas we work in. We work with a team of qualified and accredited interpreters in London, Manchester, Brighton, Cambridge, OxfordBirmingham, Edinburgh and other major cities in the UK. We aim to supply a suitable Russian interpreter who is based near you to minimise travel costs.
Can’t meet in person?  We have a remote interpreting service from our base in the UK. This can be booked at short notice and will be provided via Internet voice and text services including, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime.



This type of interpreting is appropriate for business meetings, trade exhibitions, phone calls or social events. No equipment is provided, the interpreter passes the information between the two parties. This is the most informal type of interpreting and also the most frequently requested. We have even supplied Russian interpreters for weddings! 

You may need a Russian intepreter for a confidential meeting, and Talk Russian will assist you with this.


This is a ‘running commentary’ provided by the interpreter, who whispers or works from a conference booth. As this requires intense concentration, simultaneous interpreters often work in pairs, changing every 20-30 minutes. The method is often used at larger conferences or forums.

We interpret at seminars and training sessions.


Remote interpreting is becoming a very popular way to keep in touch with your Russian contacts, especially with the growth of video conferencing systems. Talk Russian’s interpreters can usually be booked at short notice and this service is ideal when you need to talk, but can’t meet.

We offer live interpreting through Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype and other VOIP and messaging and video conferencing services.

Can't meet in person but need to talk? We'll interpret over the phone for you.


Questions about our Russian interpreting service? We have put together a short guide/FAQ.