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Your 10 Most Common Questions Answered

How much will the translation cost?

That’s often the next question we get asked after “Can you do it?” Our translation rates depend on the complexity, urgency and format of the document. They also depend on whether the translation is from or into Russian. Please email us your file for a free quote; we offer competitive pricing.

Do you offer volume discounts?

You have a number of documents, probably similar in nature, and you worry it may cost you a small fortune. No problem: let’s say in your set of documents you have two birth certificates, of the same format, probably even with the same details of the children’s parents. We will happily offer you a discount. If, however, you have a large business proposal with graphs and images, we will have to meticulously work on every detail, and unlike factories which can offer volume discounts for multiple batches based on automated processes, translation work is not automatic so we would not be able to use the economies of scale principle.

How quickly can you do the translation?

You were waiting for someone to send you this document for ages, now you have it and you need to have it translated as a matter of urgency, right? Don’t panic, we need to see the document to assess the project but the turnaround time is directly linked to the size and format of the file. Complex technical documents in a pdf format, for example, take longer. A translator can usually handle 2,500 words a day but we also need to allow time for proofreading.

Do you charge extra for urgency?

We understand that nearly every translation we get is for asap – as soon as possible. As a rule, we don't charge extra for urgency unless it's a large rush project or a same day job.

I have a certificate, do I need to send you the original?

No, you will send the original to the organisation you are applying to, but the translation will be attached to a copy. So just scan and email us a copy of your document for a quote.

What is certified translation?

We have dedicated pages on our website which explain it in English and in Russian, please take a look.

How will you deliver certified translations?

We post them to you by Royal Mail and standard postage is free of charge. If you need them urgently, we can scan and email them to you or you can order postage by Next Day Special Delivery.

Can you provide a Russian translator in London tomorrow?

You have a meeting tomorrow and it turns out the other party won’t be able to bring along an interpreter (specialists who interpret face-to-face or remotely are called interpreters – but that’s OK: most people don’t realise there is a difference in terminology). Give us a call to discuss the location, timings, subject matter of the meeting and we will see if we can provide an interpreter for you in London or anywhere else in the UK.

Do you charge for interpreting per hour?

Our charges will largely depend on the same criteria: location, timings and subject matter, and can be hourly, daily or per half a day. We always try to suggest the most efficient solution as we are keen to help you and build a long-term business relationship with you as a customer.

How do I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card over the phone. We will, of course, issue a VAT invoice/receipt.

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