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Doing business in any new country can be a daunting prospect and requires more than basic research.

Talk Russian can do cultural awareness sessions to suit the needs of your business if you are considering tapping into the Russian market. We can cover various aspects from stereotypes and things to avoid to office etiquette in Russia.

Doing business with Russia isn’t just about selling, it’s about nurturing relationships and understanding the culture.



Face-to-face contact is vital for establishing a working relationship. Russians can be vocal and expressive during meetings but it’s not something to be put off by as it’s part of a negotiating technique. Many tense situations can be diffused by humour.

Russian business culture calls for face-face contact.


Punctuality is important as Russians say “time is money”. The usual form of greeting is shaking hands on arrival and departure. Having plenty of business cards is vital and having one side of the card translated into Russian is advantageous. A meeting may be followed up by an invitation for a drink or a meal and it’s unhelpful to turn it down.

Punctuality is important when doing business in Russia


Churchill described Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. Russians themselves say there is no logical way to understand Russia.

Talk Russian can give you a good insight into the Russian business culture, what to expect and how to interpret tricky situations.

When going to Russia to do business, always tanslate your business cards into Russian.
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