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  • Yelena McCafferty

Russia Midlands Business Club

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

If you are in the Midlands and are doing business with Russia, put 7th May in your diary. This is the day for the next networking event of the new Russia Midlands Business Club. It will take place in Birmingham starting at 6 pm at Cobbetts Solicitors.

Thanks to Anna Sinelnikova from the Wilson Organisation in Nottingham, the new business club is now up and running and has already got a record of 3 successful events. Each was attended by at least 100 people. So what does it do and what is it for?

It’s a business club for anyone doing or thinking of doing business with Russia and it is supported by UK Trade and Investment. Membership is free and all of the events have been free so far too. It’s designed to open up networking opportunities and put people in touch with specialists they are looking for. If it’s Russian translators or Russian interpreters you are after, contact one of the members, Talk Russian in Lincolnshire. For cultural expertise, logistics, insurance, we can also put you in touch with the right people. Besides, at each club meeting you get first hand experience from a guest speaker. On May 7th it will be Jon Edwards, Head of the CIS and CEE of the London Stock Exchange.

As a member of the working committee for the Russia Midlands Business Club, I can reveal that we are working on a directory of members classified by the industry they work in so anyone interested can get in touch with them directly. This will be published on the Club’s website:

So if you would like to joint the club, please contact us through the website and we look forward to seeing you on May 7th!

New bilateral trade partners are needed in the current climate.

Yelena McCafferty talks about the business club in the Boston Standard.

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