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We analysed 20 years in translation, and it’s revealing

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The start of this summer was marked by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and while I do not wish to diminish this remarkable achievement of Her Majesty, this year we also celebrate a certain porcelain jubilee of our own – 20 years in the translation business.

When we set up Talk Russian, initially as a partnership, business between the UK and Russia was gaining pace and encouraged. The then UK Trade and Investment department of the British government held workshops and business events, some of which I attended as a delegate and as a Russian interpreter. I even served on the working committee of the Russia Midlands Business Club established by people who have now become my friends.

As I analyse the last twenty years, I feel amazed and proud of our work just looking at the sheer number of industries where we have helped to close lucrative business deals and to build win-win relationships with Russian partners.

Our projects covered retail and merchandising training and franchising, selling mobile technologies, yachts and jets, installation of industrial equipment, car production, GMP inspections and product audits, freight and shipping as well as fine art auctions.

A lot of work was related to hospitality and property, from hotel brochures to construction, architectural design and furniture-making specifications. This in a way was linked to the due diligence aspect of hefty financial transactions so that commercial agreements could be sealed.

Farming took a good share of work from sales of pigs and salmon to cultivating crops and selecting suitable farming machinery.

We interpreted at various public events involving dignitaries, during visits to private British schools and at private parties, including weddings. We translated menus and wine lists for private functions.

The food and drink sector, both for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, was drawn to the promising Russian market too. Affordable and high-end cosmetic product sheets were translated into Russian to make sure they meet the trading standards and requirements.

Working with TV channels and media production companies has been incredibly enjoyable and we continue this type of translations to this day.

In the space of 20 years we have completed legal translations in many areas of law: civil, criminal, immigration and asylum, arbitration, family and adoption, and processed hundreds of certificates, court judgements and even pre-nuptial agreements.

As I look back, I can’t help feeling appalled and sad at how far behind we got thrown this year… However, for now the only way is to look forward, and I envisage that we will continue with our legal and financial translation work coupled with media projects, not forgetting our well-established relationships with private clients who we assist with personal document and genealogy translations.

And then who knows, what gemstone jubilee we could celebrate next?

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