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Looking for a Russian translator in Birmingham? We can assist you with Russian translations and provide a Russian interpreter in Coventry, Wolverhampton and other cities and towns across the West Midlands.
If it is a document that you need translating, please email it over to us for a free quote. Our charges depend on the complexity and urgency of your project. 
If you require a face-to-face interpreter in your offices, factories or trade exhibitions, please let us know the date, times and location and we will do our best to find a qualified Russian interpreter to work with you.


We specialise in Russian only and can maintain strict quality control this way. Your translation will be proofread by an independent translator to ensure accuracy. We do not usually charge for urgency as most of our clients need to get translations done as soon as possible. 

We work across various formats and topics and can handle documents from legal agreements and business proposals to mobile app content and personal certificates.


As Russian specialists we offer:

  • A personal service and we work with both corporate clients and private individuals.

  • Competitive rates, a fast turnaround and volume discounts for large orders.

  • Telephone or remote interpreting, if you can't meet in person technology is here to help.

Opening documents in Cyrillic won't be a problem.
Most clients prefer to receive their translation by email.


Our Russian translators and interpreters have extensive experience working with clients across a wide variety of industries. 

  • When do I need an interpreter, not a translator? Interpreters interpret speech and translators do their job in writing. You will need a Russian interpreter at a business meeting, conference or a workshop, interpreters mostly work at events. Translators type up translated documents. Please contact us to discuss your language requirements. 

  • Do you provide a certified Russian translation service? Yes, we do. We can also have the translation sworn before a solicitor or have it notarised. Certification procedures and costs involved vary slightly and we can give detailed advice on types of certification.

  • How quickly can you turn the translation round? It all depends on the size of the document. A translator can usually process around 2,500 words a day and you need to allow time for proofreading too.


Birmingham and the West Midlands have some Russian connections

The University of Birmingham has a Department of Russian Studies. 

Birmingham has a Russian Orthodox Church - the Orthodox Parish of All Saints of Britain and IrelandServices are held in: the Oratory Church of the Immaculate Conception,141 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 8UE.

Volgograd Memorial in Coventry marks the twinning links between Coventry and Volgograd, both cities were destroyed during World War II.

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