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Oxford enjoys a higher concentration of Russian scientists and entrepreneurs compared to other areas in the UK, including London. Talk Russian is your reliable partner for business translations from and into Russian when it comes to commercially sensitive documentation.

We translate in-house which means ensuring high standards and total confidentiality. All of our translations are proofread.

Our expertise can be used in many other ways including human website translation and adapting video or multimedia products for the Russian market.


Talk Russian can supply qualified interpreters with solid experience on assignments in Oxford or anywhere else in the UK. We provide the interpreting service for business meetings, exhibitions, trade shows, training sessions, seminars and many other types of events. We also offer a conference interpreting service face-to-face, on Zoom, WhatsApp or other platforms.

Our translation quote depends on the wordcount


If you are a company in need of translating your corporate documents to set up an affiliate entity in Russia for example, or if you are an individual making an application to the Home Office, you may need to use a certified translation service.


It involves a professional Russian translator signing a certificate of accuracy attached to the translation. More about it in our video.

In Russia the most accepted certification type is notarisation when the translator's signature is witnessed by a notary. We work with notary firms in England, however, sometimes a visit to the Russian Consulate in London is required if the authority requesting the translation insists on the translation being certified by a Russian notary.


Here is some feedback we recently received from our clients:

  • "It is an absolute pleasure to work with Yelena from Talk Russian. Quick to reply, easy to communicate with and most importantly, great translation services provided each time. Thank you."

  • "Top service and very good value, would use again."

  • "Thank you very much for quick and high-quality service. It could not be better." 

Our Russian translators are fully qualified.

Oxford has some links with Russia:

Both Ivan Turgenev and Anna Akhmatova, two famous Russian literature geniuses, graduated from Oxford University in 1879 and 1965 respectively. Turgenev is well-known as a Russian novelist, short story writer, poet, playwright but he was also a translator, fluent in German, French and English.

Leonid Pasternak, the father of Boris Pasternak, another famous Russian author, spent the last six years of his life in Oxford. The house in which he lived now has a permanent exhibition: Leonid Pasternak: A Family Collection.

Oxford has a Russian Orthodox Church of the Orthodox Parish of St Nicholas. Worships are at the Church of St Nicholas, 34 Ferry Road, Marston, Oxford, OX3 0EU


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