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  • Yelena McCafferty

Adopting from Russia

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Russia is one of the countries some prospective British parents hope to adopt from, and intercountry adoption is a very lengthy process which can, at times, be daunting. As a Russian translation company, we can help adopters in a number of ways.

Firstly, we can translate documents from English into Russian. These include:

- A homestudy which is an assessment of prospective parents as to their suitability to adopt a child. A homestudy normally covers motivation for intercountry adoption, background, education, occupation, interests and personality of each applicant, present relationship, parenting capacity, family lifestyle, support networks, finance, criminal records, etc.

- Post placement reports , i.e. regular reports confirming the child’s welfare and that he/she has adapted to their new surroundings and bonded well with their new family.

- A Certificate of registration issued to the social worker preparing relevant reports. These are often required by foreign authorities.

The types of documents we often translate from Russian into English are: - Adopted child’s medical notes, which can be required before or after the legal adoption takes place.

- Adopted child’s birth certificate or, later on, adoption certificate. It should be noted that our translations are properly certified so they are accepted by all UK authorities, including courts and the Home Office.

Once prospective parents have found the child they would like to adopt, we can phone the orphanage to find out on their behalf how he/she is doing. Alternatively, a three-way call can be established between the future parent, our Russian interpreter and doctors and nursing staff so parents can personally ask about things they need to know about the child.

We offer a very friendly and personal service, and, needless to say, all of the information disclosed to us remains strictly confidential.

In February 2011 a client of ours published a book based on her own experience of adopting from Russia. It is a very detailed guide with an explanation of the adoption process, paperwork required, notarisation, costs involved and many other practical issues. You can contact Anna Francis, the author of Russian Adoption. A Practical Guide at If you need to speak to us about Russian translations, please call us on 0207 0436940 or email



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