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Special Commendation from ITI

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Talk Russian’s Yelena McCafferty has received a special commendation in the ITI Awards 2017 in the Industry Ambassador Class. The award acknowledges Yelena’s work in running online resources for language professionals focused on industry news, job opportunities and events in the UK, raising awareness about the specifics of the language business among clients and the public in general. The work also included an introductory session with primary school children about translators and interpreters, challenges faced and training required.

Yelena said “I am absolutely delighted to receive a special commendation as an Industry Ambassador. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the support and recognition from valued, like-minded colleagues. Like in any industry, it’s beneficial for professionals to follow current trends, offer support and mentoring if appropriate, and strive to improve and advance the services we offer. For our clients it’s also useful to see what our work involves, which means we can let them in on little secrets of our job which they often find surprising, if not revealing.”

Yelena will continue her efforts to promote the language profession in the UK.

Yelena McCafferty is committed to promoting the language profession.

[Tip: If you wish to contact Yelena to discuss your Russian translation or interpreting requirements, please call us on 0207 0436940 or email]



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