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Kostroma - Durham: twin city memories

Updated: May 27, 2020

I have been living in the UK since 2001, however I first visited England back in 1995 thanks to the twin city link between Kostroma and Durham. I was a student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and I was very lucky to have been selected to take part in a student exchange between the two places.

What did we find surprising when we reached the British shores? Was it the weather? And what was it that struck the English students when they came over to Russia? Vodka drinking?

To mark the twin city legacy celebrated in the UK during the last weekend of April, I share my twin city memories in this short video.

[Tip: if you are hosting a delegation from Russia and need an interpreter here in the UK, please get in touch with me: or call 0207 043 6940. Or if you want to know more about Russia-related events in the UK, sign up to our newsletter.]



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