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  • Yelena McCafferty

Russian Adoption: A Practical Guide

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This is the name of the book one of our clients, Anna Francis, published earlier this year.

The book is extremely informative. Literally every single paragraph from the first chapter to the last contains valuable advice, the kind of details you would only get from someone who has been through the whole process. The book is extremely well-written, very easy to read, with every section clearly defined. With attention to very minor, but vital details, such as the dress code for Russian court, having documents stamped to avoid rejection and many more, one can be almost certain that the adoption journey will be easier when knowing what to expect. Throughout the guide Anna also gives various links to useful Internet resources as well as sample forms.

The book covers the following areas: getting started, UK process, notarising and apostilling, choosing a facilitator, registration paperwork, criminal record bureau checks, referral, medical conditions, court paperwork, nine-doctor medical, related costs, Russian court, Russian passport and UK visa.

It is clear that Anna put a lot of effort into describing how things actually work and what exactly is required in the UK and Russia, from the paperwork to choice of professionals. It also shows how stressful preparation to adoption itself can be when a lot of things do not go according to plan or take much longer. At the end of the book, however, a few success stories prove that it is all worth it.

Should you wish to purchase the book, the author can be contacted at and if you need to speak to us about Russian translations, call us on 0207 0436940 or email

Adopting from Russia? We will handle the translation work for you.



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