• Yelena McCafferty

Russian interpreters get together in Nottingham

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

More than 10 Russian interpreters and translators from across the UK gathered together in Nottingham last weekend.

With so many Russian language professionals working all over the country, it was a brilliant idea to get together. We had a chance to talk about the things we do which are going well and some of the things which are not.

My colleagues came over from as far as Cleveland and East Yorkshire and Bourne and Milton Keynes. We all enjoyed discussing translation and interpreting opportunities over lunch in Fellows, Morton and Clayton, Nottingham, as this picture below shows!

Russian Interpreters in the UK get together for a networking lunch for the first time. Mikhail Zhabin, Tatiana Wood, Ben Hooson, Ekaterina Parker, Nina Sampson, Olga Bukhova, Daria Dimova, Yelena McCafferty, Julia Shaw

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