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Talk Russian to speak at translation event in Newcastle

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Talk Russian’s Yelena McCafferty will be one of the speakers at a language event in Newcastle on 23rd February 2018. The event is entitled Language and Translation Work in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and aims to explore translation/interpreting in work contexts.

British companies are increasingly hiring in-house staff for their language requirements and foreign language capacity is one of the six most important factors considered during the recruitment process.

In this presentation Yelena McCafferty will look at small and medium-sized businesses and languages needs from two different perspectives. The first centre of attention will fall on companies which resort to various means of breaking language barriers, from hiring in-house staff with foreign language skills to engaging freelance language professionals. Yelena will explore cases studies of a range of businesses, from manufacturing companies to legal firms, which rely on their internal resources to manage their language needs.

The other focus will feature translators and interpreters acting as small businesses themselves when working with commercial clients on language-related projects. Yelena will talk about situations when corporate customers have to engage independent language specialists and demonstrate some of the challenges they face.

Yelena McCafferty is an experienced business translator.

[Tip: If you export to a Russian-speaking country and need to get your documents translated, call us on 0207 0436940 or email]



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