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We are on Instagram!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This month Queen Elizabeth II has made her Instagram debut so it was time for us at Talk Russian to follow suit... Instagram is all about pictures but every picture has a story. And in the world of languages there are always plenty of stories to tell. So if you are on Instagram and like a bit of language fun (and you want to see what we have been up to), make sure you follow us:

And then you won’t miss amusing posts…

This is a very popular Soviet #cartoon for children. But how good is the translation on this DVD cover?

… a bit of history...

The only time Carroll ever left British soil was on a trip to... Russia. 🇷🇺 The bizarre events of the trip are thought to have inspired him to write his Alice Through the Looking-Glass book.

or geography…

There is a hamlet in Scotland called Moscow. In 2006 its population was reported as 118 people. A small stream called Volga Burn runs through the village.

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